We are established audio-visual communication technicians specialising in TV antenna installations across the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle regions of New South Wales.

Are you experiencing reception issues, pixelation or poor TV signal in your area? Contact Able Ant. Do you need to organise a technician to install antennas systems in a set of new build homes? Contact Able Ant. Are you sick of trying to watch your telly with ‘no signal’ ruining the entire experience? Time to contact Able Ant!

Able Ant TELEVISION & Audio Visual Technician Services

The Able Ant team have a wide range of skills and are available to work promptly on both residential properties and commercial sites. One day we can efficiently reinstall satellite dishes for large-scale reroofing projects, and another we can stylishly mount a large panel Smart TV on a feature wall. Our industry network is vast, supported by our continued membership with trusted industry bodies, like HIA. We operate a reliable, transparent service with a focus on safety and compliance, which is why we manage our work orders and processes through platforms like Tradify and Maintenance Manager. 

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Antenna Services

Whether you’re having trouble with your TV reception or building a new home, are renovating and need an existing antenna or dish reinstalled – we can resolve any of these common situations for you!

We’re use a range of different aerials and components selected for their quality, reliability and performance properties :

  • Heavy Duty PA2 UHF phased array antenna – good in areas with trees or scattered signal
  • UHF Yagi antenna – a sharper and more focused beam pick up profile to naturally reduce interference 
  • VHF Yagi – a larger antenna designed to specialise in VHF reception
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Antenna Services

Live in a poor reception zone or a black spot? We deliver VAST satellite dish installation to provide a solution when you can’t get normal terrestrial TV from a local transmitter. Even if you live near mountains, trees or tall buildings, we can help you get high definition digital TV.

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TV Installation Services

New smart TVs sometimes now require a bit more settup these days than just plugging them in and switching them on. Whilst this settup process can be easy on some TVs it can be daunting on others. Having your new TV installed and correctly programmed is important to get the most out of your TV system and avoid any headaches down the road. One of our most popular services is TV wall mounting complete with cables concealed in the wall for a clean finish.