We want you to have great TV reception! We understand how important it is for your home to be a comfortable, stress-free place to be.

Snuggling up with loved ones, watching some sport or your favourite shows. Then – CRACKLE & BAM – the signal is lost. Again. It may seem minor, but a TV suffering unreliable reception, a bad picture, pixelated visuals and little or no signal can be the difference between a happy household, and a frustrated household!

Able Ant can:

  • Test and diagnose your reception issues 
  • Identify interference on your signal
  • Replace rusty or broken antennas and sockets
  • Install replacement parts if they have been damaged
  • Enhance the comfort and functionality of your living room or entertainment area
  • Wall mount your Smart TV or program your home theatre 


To improve your TV reception, you need more than a quality antenna – all the components need to work well together as part of the entire antenna system. This is what Able Ant specialise in. We can check and test all elements of your existing antenna system to spot where the issues lie and replace or repair the necessary parts. We pay special attention to the quality of the signal as this is vital in getting a perfect picture on your TV. Once all your TV components are set up or configured and working in sync – we’ll leave you to enjoy fuss-free, sharp TV in the comfort of your home!

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If you live in an area with particularly poor or weak reception, there are some reception issues that need more than antenna adjustment. This may be the case if you live near trees, mountains or large buildings. Installing a satellite may be the best solution to drastically improve your TV reception PLUS give you access to a wider variety of channels and paid networks, such as those available on Foxtel, Sky or music channels. VAST Satellite Service is a free to air option that covers most of Australia. Once installed, a VAST Satellite will grant you high definition digital TV reception from a satellite dish, decoder and corresponding smart card. This is also ideal if you’re seeking access to your favourite foreign TV channels, as there are hundreds out there you can tap into via a satellite dish!

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With a huge variety of fancy plasma, LCD, LED or Smart TVs available in a range of sizes, styles and sound systems – home installation of TV systems can be more than a pain, it can be a nightmare! Not for Able Ant. We specialise in the efficient, tidy installation of any brand of TV, speakers, mounts and cabling, of any size, for any space. Mounting a TV on your wall can reduce glare, save space in your living room, and keep little kiddies fingers clear of the screen. Our mounting services include flat wall or swing/articulated TV mounting to suit the layout of your room. Our team can set up your AV equipment to ensure all elements are working together, ensure the correct brackets and mounts are used for security, and the unit is safe and tidy with any exposed cables hidden and any essential cables connected. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax!